Google Assistant not working, come here and fix it.

Google Assistant is the new Artificial Intelligence that helps the user to solve their query. When the Google Assistant is not working many users felt left because their most of the queries are dependable on Google Assistant. Google Support is here to solve the problem which is having on Google assistant.

Google Assistant is nothing but an assistant that is always with us in our pocket. Every Android phone now supports the feature of Google Assistant. It helps us to give answers to the questions which the user asked it, and in response, it gives many solutions to the queries. Suppose a user wants to know about the nearest restaurant, simply ask Google Assistant that tell me all restaurants near my location. The Google Assistant will at that point in time shows the list of all the nearest restaurants which are available there. It is so easy to use, but sometimes this also stops working. This happens nothing but for a few changes in the settings of Google in the Android Operating System. By doing the changes in the settings the Google Assistant will work properly as it was working previously. Google technical support is always there to assist the users to help to solve the problem.

The below steps are given by which the user can resolve the issues and again will start using Google assistant on their respective phones.

Language settings:-

Language is very important for the use of Google Assistant. If the Google Assistant is not working, first check the language which is set up in the settings. To do this, the user has to open the Google App, then select the main menu. Choose settings inside the main menu. There will be an option called voice under the search option. There the user can change the language of its choice. By updating language, the problem can be solved.

  1. Microphone settings:-

Google Assistant is a voice-based AI, so the user has to say the query through a microphone and then after the Google Assistant will give the answers to that particular query. When we open the Google app, then there is a microphone icon on the right-hand side. If the icon is showing dotted lines then there is a problem in the microphone settings. First, clear the microphone with a safety pin and clean it very carefully. After that, if the microphone works well then the Google Assistant also works well.

  1. ‘Ok Google’ retraining:-

    Sometimes for many reasons, the Google Assistant does not retrain the commands which were given by the users and it stopped working properly. In this case, go to the setting option under the main menu and then select the search option. Under search option there will be a voice option as said earlier, click on OK Google detection. Then the user can retrain their voice by saying Ok Google three times and then the problem of Google Assistant will be solved.

By following all the steps which are given here, the user can solve the Google Assistant issue. For further help, contact here for fast help.